An APA format literature review for the articles provided below. Here’s the instructions given to us: 1. Conduct a systematic search of the evidence and write up your search process. Include the search terms used, any issues with the need to modify search terms, databases searched, and time limitations for the evidence you search (last five years, last 10 years, etc.) Critique and synthesize the evidence using a tool such as the Johns Hopkins or other tool, and write an integrated review of the evidence (minimum of 3 peer-reviewed research or systematic review articles published within the last 10 years). Include information on the type of research, the participants, statistical tools used, ages and gender of participants if relevant, and the quality of the evidence found using the Johns Hopkins or CASP tool. 2. Include your reference page correctly formatted in APA style. 3. Create an evidence table for the research articles found and place it behind the reference page in appendix 1.

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