Description Campus EX Coordinator Case Study You are the site’s Campus Employee Experience Coordinator and the client is requesting your help with their attendance challenge. This task needs to be addressed by next week. You will need to come up with a plan and list of action items to assist operation leaders. There is an additional $250 USD budget available for this event, as it was not foreseen in the budget forecast. We are anticipating a headcount of 325 employees in total. Outside of the following guidelines, you have complete autonomy to both design and administer the event: No time off the phones/computers are allowed. We encourage employees to participate during breaks/lunch, and before/after their shift. As mentioned, you have $250 USD to spend. The event will happen on Tuesday the 24th. Please provide the following: A brief description of the event you created. A detailed plan, start to finish, of the event. For example: What equipment, product and materials are needed for the event. Event start and end time. Why do you think this event will help improve attendance (reduce absenteeism).

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