Hello, I need your help to write down a Physics lab report only from your own words which means I need it 0% plagiarism and its a full lab report. There is a certain format to follow in this report and I attached the format with a sample one of my lab reports. Please, follow the format and the pattern of the sample I provided. Also, i attached the lab manual, pictures of my class notes which you’ll use it to do calculations and my lab manual. This is my instructor instructions : Title page- Intro- Analysis: ( Which means you need to answer the concerns in this part of lab manual and show the graphs that I attached )-Extending your Model :You need to answer all the questions.Discussion, answering all the questions (Which is in lab manual). Please, write only from your own words which means you cant use other sources, answer the required questions, don’t forget to follow the format with my last lab pattern and stick with the instructions.

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