Present a business case that critically evaluates an investment opportunity within your employing organization (DynAviation). To develop your critical evaluation, you should: • Outline the background to and justification for your proposed investment (this should be informed by links to financial performance, environmental analysis, organizational strategy and corporate social responsibility) • Identify three options for the delivery of your chosen investment opportunity • Critically evaluate each option using suitable investment appraisal and risk analysis techniques • Discuss the tangible and intangible benefits of the investment both strategically and operationally (this discussion should address what the chosen option will achieve and a financial analysis that explains the effects of the investment) • Explain the risk management and mitigation techniques that will be used (this explanation should address how the risks to the achievement of the tangible and intangible benefits will be managed) Cover each learning out come; LO1 Assess information within the internal and external context of the decision LO2 Evaluate the role of financial information in the context of the whole organization LO3 Demonstrate the ability to analyse, understand and apply academic theory and thinking to the student’s own organization (or an organization of the student’s choice) The paper should be 1100 words long

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