Topic: To be picked by the writer Related to Assessment and Instructions for students with diverse needs. Instructions Select a topic that is of interest to you and relevant to this course to explore in some depth. Consult with your tutor to make sure that your topic is suitable. Your topic should be interesting to you and relevant to the field you are working in; one for which a literature review would be helpful to others in your field of work; and a well-defined issue. A possible general research question might be How do social skills programs work in classrooms? However, a revised, more specific and productive question might be What specific social skills programs have proven evidence of increasing on task behaviour? Frame your topic in a research question with a clear focus. Identify a target audience for your literature review. Conduct a focused literature search of primary research and review articles on the topic. Keep track of your research so you that can cite your chosen articles correctly. Write a literature review of 12 to 15 articles that focuses on answering your research question. Be sure to discuss the strengths and limitations of the research and make suggestions for further research. A well prepared Literature Review will comprise three major parts: an introduction with your defined research question, the body of the report, and a conclusion. It will begin with a title page and end with a reference list. This assignment is intended to develop your skill in analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating scientific psychological research, and to further the development of your skill in writing a scholarly psychology research paper.

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