Description Report Instructions First: Identify the neighborhood or community for your project. It is preferred that you select the place you are currently living and not an entire city. A neighborhood can vary in sizes, and for this project, a good rule of thumb to choose an area that extends for one or two miles. By selecting a small space, the project becomes more manageable for this assignment. Second: Choose the planning field that you think it’s the most interesting to you, from the list below (you may request a planning field if not listed); Transportation Planning Neighborhood Planning Community Health Environmental Planning Urban Design Economic Development Growth Management Land Use Planning Third: Identify one issue in your neighborhood under the chosen planning field. For example, if you want community health as the planning field, you may identify childhood obesity as the issue to be addressed. After you have completed the initial three steps you will write a report containing the following; A brief description of your neighborhood of choice including; (25 Points) Name, Boundary History Describe in detail your neighborhood’s issue (100 Points) What is the issue/problem? Why is it an issue/problem? Who are affected or impacted by the issue/problem? How the neighborhood or city has dealt with the issue/problem? Has it been effective or not? Why? Explain why the issue falls under the desired planning field (25 Points) Why would the planning field you chose be the best to tackle the issue/problem? Would other planning fields be an option to solve the problem? Why? Propose improvements or solutions to the issue or problem you have chosen Describe and explain what you are proposing to do. Look for examples done in other communities. Explain how your plan is going to be implemented. Explain how your plan is going to solve the issue/problem. Describe the possible impact(s) on those being affected by your plan. Include a “Works Cited” section, along with an in-text citation. (Assignment will not be graded without proper citation) To answer all these questions successfully, you will have to draw information from the course materials and conduct additional research on your own. The proposed improvements and solutions will call for your imagination and creativity while requiring critical thinking upon the material used in this course to support your plan.

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