Question 1:- What is the effect of using exercise to reduce the risk of falls in elderly people? Question 2:- What is the effect of using correct hand hygiene procedures to reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections in patients? Task • Out of the given answerable (clinical) questions, choose only one. • Critically justify the application of the EBP process in a practice situation and the rationale for why a nurse would need to know the answer to the chosen question. In your justification, consider the following: o support your discussion with current literature (in-text references) on EBP o think about health and safety and clinical practice o remember at this point you are not answering the question, you are just informing the reader of the importance of answering the question for clinical practice. • Breakdown the chosen answerable question into its elements using PICO/PIO format as guidance. • Develop a search strategy to then systematically search the relevant nursing databases for articles to answer your answerable question. • Report your systematic search narratively. You can support your narrative report with a table- a logic grid of search terms will be good idea. • Refer to the unit material to ensure that your report covers all elements of the systematic search (keywords, alternative keywords, databases, limits, hits). • Make sure that you narrow your search to 10 articles that are relevant to your answerable question. No older than 5 years • In your report, it is required to outline how you narrowed your search.

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