TOPIC : Global, national, state, and local community health structure and initiatives. 1. Describe the organization of the World Health Organization (WHO) and two of the six points in the World Health Organization’s agenda. 2. Provide four examples of the 22 core functions of the World Health Organization. 3. List at least two federal agencies other than the Department of Health and Human Services that contribute to the betterment of our nation’s health, and explain how they do this. 4. List and provide the key responsibility for at least three operating divisions of the Department of Health and Human Services. 5. Provide at least four barriers to coordinated school health programs. 6. List three categories of nongovernmental health agencies. TOPIC 3: Descriptive epidemiology, case rates, and their use. 1. Define epidemiology, and explain why case rates are important to epidemiologists. 2. Explain the differences between incidence rates and prevalence rates. 3. Define morbidity reporting and vital statistics. 4. Explain why one would use an age-adjusted rate. 5. What questions are descriptive studies designed to answer 6. What are the three ways the objectives of the National Health Survey Act of 1956 are being fulfilled?

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