All written assignments must be submitted via turn it in dropbox area, must be on a Microsoft Word Document, be in proper APA format: Meaning that your assignments should be typed out, font size 12 font, font names: Times New Roman, Ariel, or Calibri, normal margins (no more than 1 inch), double spaced, .5 indentation at the beginning of each paragraph and .5 hanging references. Make sure your title page consist of your name (First and Last), Panther ID number and research topic/title (APA format). You will become the subject matter expert by conducting research based on your chosen title/topic and then reporting your findings in a potentially publishable manuscript. Use the same topic that you did for Turnitin Assignment #2. For each written assignment make sure you address all required instructions/criteria as noted within each assignment located within the assignment instructions/grading rubric. There’s no specific amount of pages and or word count for each assignment. Address all questions presented and if the instructions/criteria states a paragraph make sure your paragraphs consist of minimum of five complete sentences. Assignment #3 (Methods)Preview the document Example Assignments: Found below are example assignments for this course. You are not obligated to follow exactly what’s on the example, however, you are required to complete all criteria for each assignment (see above assignment instructions/grading rubric). I am posting examples so that you get an idea of what each assignment may consist of. Please note that the examples are actually written by a former student. Therefore, you may not see all criteria requirements for each example posted and it is strongly advise that you follow the assignment instructions/ grading rubric criteria given.

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