The topic is generally chosen from one of the chapters in the text. However, narrow it down to a more specific topic than just the chapter name. For example, if you are specifically interested in adolescence, you could research “How peer pressure affects youth,” “How substance abuse affects adolescent decision making,” or “Stereotyping adolescent’s and it’s affects on self-worth.” So first choose an area of human development that interests you and then try to narrow it down. The paper should be between 10-12 pages. However, if it runs over, that will be fine. I would like students to focus more on content rather than page numbers. The outline should be in APA format. There is an example at the top of the course in Moodle. Although most of you do not have all of the research yet, you should be thinking about the categories of your topic. These categories should go into the outline (body) with questions or extra detail that will guide your research. The outline is not a place to have complete sentences. Just notes. Once I have your rough draft outline, I’ll make corrections and you will submit the final draft with your final draft paper.

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