Should there be a personal belief exemption for parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children?

Paper details Paper in MLA format of at least 5 pages on a controversial topic in which you use a persuasive strategy and at least 10 magazine/journal/newspaper articles (half of which must come from a library database) and 2 primary sources (interviews you do with experts via email, phone, or in person) to support and develop your proposition. You will be arguing from the perspective of someone your age and in your circumstances. Your audience is a legislator who will be using your paper in decision making. Parenthetical documentation and Works Cited page required. The assignment objective is to make you comfortable with building your own argument and using others’ work to support it, as well as documenting this use. The paper should have a proposition, at least 3 arguments, 3 counter arguments and 3 refutations. Please let me know specifically what these are.

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