Instructions FINAL PAPER: Reflect on the group dynamics that you have explored over the duration of the course, watch the three Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling videos, and answer the questions in this assignment. Videos used for the Final Paper: Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling: Initial Stage. Retrieved from Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling: Transitional/Working Stage. Retrieved from Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling: Termination. Retrieved from Your paper must include: Part 1 1.A Review Tuckman’s sequential-stage theory of group development and Bales’s recurring-phase theory of group development and use one of the theories of group development to describe the dynamics between the people in the group sessions. 1.B: Next, explain the difference between content and process in a group and use examples from the video to demonstrate your understanding of each concept. Part 2 2.A: Review the video for the Final Project Group. Then, use the film to provide examples of trusting and trustworthy behavior. How did trusting or trustworthy behavior among the members help their group? 2.B: Reflect on the interactions between the people in the group and provide examples of the following concepts: group, role, norm, and status. Part 3 3.A: Review the concept of power (indirect and direct) and reflect on your observations of power in the group. Next, provide an example of how indirect power and direct power were exhibited in the group. 3. B: Describe how two types of power (reward, coercive, legitimate, referent, expert, and informational) were used among or between the group members and/or facilitators. 3.C: Explain how power in a competitive context or power in a cooperative context impacted this group. Part 4 Explain what makes counseling and therapy groups different from a self-help/mutual support groups.

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