Tesla EV car commodity chain

Paper details Commodity Chain *Reminder: Write your final project in a blank Word document. Turn in by uploading Word document or PDF to the Final Project Submission Folder in the Week 5 Module. View rubric on Rubrics page or in submission folder and consider viewing the SafeAssign report to check for plagiarism. Do NOT copy anything from this description and insert in your document; this interferes with the plagiarism checker SafeAssign. For the final project, you will write about and visualize a commodity chain for the manufactured product that you investigated for Homework Assignment 2. It consists of 2 parts: Part 1) An essay describing the commodity chain of your manufactured item Part 2) A Google Map with 10 place-markers corresponding to sites related to your commodity chain Part 1 Directions Your essay should build off of Homework Assignment 2 (review my feedback if you have not already). Write an essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion in which you give an overview of the commodity chain of your product. You need to write about raw material extraction/production, manufacturing/assembly, and waste, but you may also include other dimensions of the commodity chain including design, marketing, transportation, and consumption as relevant to your particular research. Do not just list off information about these various dimensions; dig deeper in your research by looking to news articles and reports and include in your essay information about and analysis of the human dimensions of your commodity chain at various geographic sites and across various aspects. For example, find an article that profiles a key factory related to your product and working conditions there or investigate an agricultural site (specific to your product if you can find it but if not, it can be a generic timber farm for instance) connected to a raw material of your product and discuss who labors to get that raw material, under what kinds of working conditions, etc. For inspiration Commodity chain of Nike shoes Commodity chain of chocolate *Note: these are examples completed outside of this class; view for inspiration only; follow the directions in THIS description and do not mimic other work. Part 2 Directions Create a Google Map with 10 place-markers by following this Google Maps Tutorial _click here_

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