Group I and III Case Study Should Employers Use Social Media for Hiring Decisions Human Resources Administration Summer 2019 The purpose of the major assignment is to gain knowledge and understanding about organizational practices in the workplace and the impact of management. In your group role, you are executive management. Topic: Should Employers Use Social Media for Hiring Decisions 1. Conduct the research using UHD e-Library on topics related to – Employers Use Social Media (see reference articles) How much credence should employers put in the information they find on social media about prospective employees? 2. Describe the impact both advantages and disadvantages for the organization. 3. Prepare a 3-4-page paper in APA format to include references. (See APA format and citation examples in the Useful Material folder for APA format)  Research to determine if organizations have governing policies and procedures for using Social Media—hiring purposes  Identify the benefits and the risks  Identify recent legal cases and the outcome  How media interpret the impact(s)  Identify methods of improvement and your group’s professional recommendation(s)/opinion(s) 4. Provide references and citations. Expectation: Do not copy direct information from other policies. Research the topic and provide strong, concrete and sounded validity of the subject. Grade: Your grade will be determined by peer (20%) and instructor (80%) assessment. Group participation is required. Group leader will submit the paper in the Assignment Folder. Peer Evaluation Group members are to submit the Peer Evaluation to the instructor via Blackboard email.

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