Integrative Family as the Focal System Paper

As a social worker you are to determine how you will treat the family as a whole to best help your client. It is important that you keep a social worker lens/perspective as you write. If you need something to reference use the course textbook; – Schulman, Lawrence. (2016) The skills of helping individuals, families, groups and communities. 8th Edition. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning – Any Scholarly journal – Any articles that were cited in the PowerPoints or articles I sent you Overall question for the paper to keep in mind while writing: How will you treat the family as a whole? Address all bullet points that are listed below. Each bullet should be elaborated upon, but #3 & #4 should be the longest sections. 1. Identify who is being treated in the family. 2. Assess the presenting family problem(s) 3. Develop a goal-oriented treatment plan with family members that addresses the presenting situation 4. Determine appropriate intervention strategies/techniques to reduce or eliminate problematic behaviors or remediate situation. o Which strategies/techniques will you use? Use one or two strategies/techniques from the listed theories; I will also send a description of some of the theories. You can use a combination if necessary.  Psychodynamic OR Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT)  Bowen Model  Multisystemic Model  Social Learning Theory  System’s Theory  Cognitive Theory  Psychoanalytic Theory  Behavior Theory  Ecological Theory-Life Model  Family Intervention for Suicidal Prevention (FISP) o Briefly describe the strategy/technique (you can use a citation if necessary) o How will it be used? o In what aspects will it be beneficial? What part of the problem will these strategies/techniques address? 5. How will you monitor and evaluate outcome (measures) The family system can be a family that is portrayed in any of the films listed below. o The Hate You Give o Wind River o Juno o The Proposal o Rachel Getting Married o Precious o Thank You for Your Service – FISP would be a good one to use

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