Topic: Immigrants that come in the United States

Program I have to use: using the program/ website I have to write the essay. I will attach the questions below. Part 1: Write a 4-5 paper describing your organization. This paper should include: Name of Organization; Type (public non-profit, private non-profit; for-profit); locations(s); target population; service methods/activities. how long it has been in existence; how has it changed/evolved since its inception; what are its goals, and how does it measure its successes? Part 2: Building upon, Part I, analyze your organization based upon the “Standards for Prevention Programs.” Pay special attention to the checklists on pgs. 26, 32, and 40. Do NOT include checklists in your paper. Instead discuss your rating of the organization on all of the keys areas listed in the charts and explain why your organization received such a score (what are they doing well, what are they not doing well?). This portion should be 4 pages long. For the standStandards for Prevention Programs I have a picture of the checklist I just don’t know how to upload it maybe I can email it?

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