Only answer one question, please. Question 1: Describe the development of the concept of an “Australian Indigenous history”. Highlight at least four Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander authors who have been important in the advancement of the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander voice within the academic field. Question 2: Explain the meaning of Respect, Responsibility and Reciprocity within human relationships between language groups, and between individuals. How would these concepts manifest in daily life such as trading, sharing resources, and cultural exchange. How are these values used today in terms of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander focused policy, for example, health agreements. Question 3: Devise a presentation which informs a group of non-Indigenous educators of the relationship that Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people feel regarding connection to the Land. You can discuss this from the point of view of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. What does this Declaration say about working in Country, using resources, and so on You can also support your presentation by finding resources through the Department of Sustainability, or National Parks and Wildlife. Question 4: Examine some of the prime differences between a Western world view and an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander worldview. How could these differences have caused such great frustration for First peoples? As a consequence, what kind of implications did this have for First People’s freedom and control of their land.

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