The research study will be carried out in medical health center where the medical institution uses technological or rather computerized system of recording data. The research will be carried out between the month of August and December 2018.

Research Design

The research design will be analytical survey. Analytical surveys attempt to describe and explain why certain situations exist. In this approach two or more variables are usually examined to test research hypotheses. The results allow researchers to examine the inter-relationships among variables and to draw explanatory inferences. Research design implies outlining the names of the equipment and other materials the researcher intends to use and applying same to successfully execute the practical aspect of the research study. The design for the study therefore entails the various steps, procedures and techniques employed by the researcher in collecting and analyzing data for the study. In this study, the researcher seeks to establish how data protection in medical sector affects delivery of quality healthcare. Survey research method will be adopted in this research work for effective data gathering and processing. A research that uses survey is a statistical technique where items studied through collection and analysis of data from small samples or individuals are considered to be representatives of the entire group. Questionnaire will be applied in this research study. This will help the target audience as well as generate quick response/result needed in this research work.



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