HUN 4241 Advanced Nutrition Fall 2018

Essay – 30 points

Submission Date – November 15th 2018 by 5 p.m.

• Read the following review paper – de Clercq NC, Groen AK, Romijn JA, & Nieuwdorp M, Gut microbiota in obesity and undernutrition. Adv Nutr. 2016; Nov 15; 7(6):1080-1089.

• You may read additional supplementary material to improve your understanding of the paper.

• Summarize the review article in your own words. Your essay must include the aim of the article and the conclusions. As you read through the article, make an outline of the most important points discussed by the authors. Use these to formulate the body of your essay. At the end of your essay (after summarizing the conclusions of the paper), in a paragraph, include answers to the following questions:

o In your opinion, what is the most important factor that influences gut bacterial composition? Why? o Besides, obesity and malnutrition, name one other health condition (not discussed in the paper) that is

linked to gut microbiota. Briefly describe the relationship between gut microbiota and this health condition.

o Do you believe that there is enough evidence to recommend probiotic supplements to individuals? Which group of individuals would you consider this supplement for, and why? What could be a potential disadvantage of a probiotic supplement?

• The essay should be written in your own words and should not quote text from this or other articles.

• Essays must be typed in 12-point font, double-spaced. The length should not exceed 1.5 pages (1 inch margins). Include a cover-page with your name and PID.

• Staple the cover page to your essay before handing it in. (Lack of stapling will result in loss of 2 points)

• Essays will be graded on the basis of critical thinking, application of nutrition knowledge and ability to summarize nutrition concepts (20 points) as well as on the basis of grammar and composition (10 points).

• When you have completed the essay, submit a copy (without the cover page) to Submit a second hardcopy with the cover page in class by the due date.

• In order to submit the essay to, you will need to do the following: o Go to and login using the Class ID 19430307 o Use the password – advnutfall18 o Register yourself as a student in this class and you will be able to submit the essay o Let me know if you have any questions

• Submission is considered complete only when both online and hardcopies have been submitted. Please note that if you submit the wrong essay, there will be no way to resubmit and you will lose points since originality cannot be assessed.

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