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You will select at least FOUR primary sources that tell a story. You will analyze each document for content and theme, and your thesis will be a description of the common story your sources tell.You will briefly explain each source’s theme and content. You will explain how the sources fit together and what the common theme is. You will provide the historical context for the topic and how it affects the theme. A paper covering four sources should be 5-7 pages long.Movies, newsreels, songs, plays, poems, and operas will be considered textual, and transcriptions must be provided. Timestamps must be provided for video sources.
Statuary, architecture, paintings, and maps are all considered image sources. These sources must be cited as if they were texts.Texts in languages other than English are acceptable. However, you must also include a reputable translation of the document into English in addition to your bibliography.All sources consulted for the paper must be included in a bibliography page, whether or not they are cited in the document text.

Times New Roman or equivalent
12 point
double spaced

bibliography – a list of all works consulted in writing the document, Chicago style. The bibliography is not included in the estimated length

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