provision for the use of arbitration.

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  1. When a campaign is underway in a Company to try to unionize the workers discuss what things management may legally do to try to discourage the workers from voting for a union, and discuss what things union organizers may legally do to try to encourage workers to vote for a union. Also discuss whether in your opinion the pendulum has swung too far in favor of management or labor with respect to the things management and labor may legally do to try to influence the workers’ vote on whether or not to have a union.

  2. If you were a worker member of a union involved in collective bargaining for a new labor contract with management, and the union representatives and management representatives could not agree and were at an impasse, and your union representatives held a meeting of all the workers, including you, and presented the option to the workers to go on strike, discuss all of your concerns, both pro and con, as to whether you would vote to go on strike or to not go on strike.

  3. What measures can an employer take to prepare for a possibility of a strike?

  4. What are the pros and cons a worker faces today as to whether or he/she should join a union?

  5. Discuss in some detail the options of a strike, a lockout, a work slowdown, and a contract provision for the use of arbitration.

6.As you know a number of States have passed right-to-work laws while a number of States have no right-to-work laws. Discuss the meaning of the term “right-to-work” and pros and cons of “right-to-work”. What problems, if any, do you see in a company workplace in Missouri where the majority of the workers want to belong to the union, but where right-to-work laws allow non-union workers as well?

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