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A First Course in Linear Algebra an Open Text

Base Text Revision History

Current Revision: Version 2017 — Revision A

Extensive edits, additions, and revisions have been completed by the editorial staff at Lyryx Learning.

All new content (text and images) is released under the same license as noted above.

2017 A

• Lyryx: Front matter has been updated including cover, copyright, and revision pages.

• I. Farah: contributed edits and revisions, particularly the proofs in the Properties of Determinants II:

Some Important Proofs section

2016 B

• Lyryx: The text has been updated with the addition of subsections on Resistor Networks and the

Matrix Exponential based on original material by K. Kuttler.

• Lyryx: New example 7.35 on Random Walks developed.

2016 A • Lyryx: The layout and appearance of the text has been updated, including the title page and newly

designed back cover.

2015 A

• Lyryx: The content was modified and adapted with the addition of new material and several im-


• Lyryx: Additional examples and proofs were added to existing material throughout.

2012 A

• Original text by K. Kuttler of Brigham Young University. That version is used under Creative Com-

mons license CC BY ( made possible by

funding from The Saylor Foundation’s Open Textbook Challenge. See Elementary Linear Algebra for

more information and the original version.


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