Unit Name/Code ISY2001 – System Analysis and Design
Assessment Type: Report
Assessment Number 3
Assessment Name Case Study
Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed LO 1, LO 2, LO 3, LO 4, LO 5, LO 6
Due Date and Time Week 10, 21st September, 2018 by 5:00PM via Moodle, Turnitin
Weighting 20% (20 Marks)
Assessment Description

System Requirement

FastFit is a local gym. FastFit is looking to develop a system that would provide online booking for customers to book into various fitness workshops that the gym provides.

Currently, Gym has got many weekly workshops like “Zumba”, “Pilates”, “Yoga ”etc. Every class has a day(s) of the week that it runs, Start time, End time and Rates (Per class price and Pre-Pay 10 class pass price). Currently FastFit caps the size of every lesson to 20 people maximum per session.

FastFit has considered developing a simple website for an online booking System with the capability to enable Customers access from their mobile devices and to book a lesson or pre-pay for 10 classes to get a pass that is valid for 6 months after the date of purchase. The system should allow them to buy up to 9 individual lessons and a maximum of 2 pre-pay pass per customer.

At the time of their first booking, Customers should be able to enter their details with their address into an online form, along with their credit card details. However, Customers can also have an account with FastFit and for any subsequent bookings, they can log in to their own account and make a booking for Lesson(s).

Assume you have been assigned to design and develop the system for FastFit. You are given three weeks to come up with a blueprint of the system design and present the design to a team of consultants.

The online booking System should be able to perform a number of activities such as adding or creating a new customer, checking for available classes requested by the customer, Providing them other days and times if the same class run for any other day or time, receipt and processing all bookings transactions. You may add any other possible functions that you deem necessary for this system to function in this business case.


You are required to design a system that can perform the above activities and maintain a database containing data relevant to those activities. Carry out “process modelling” and “data modelling” to achieve this purpose.

Your tasks in this project include: –

Provide a justification of why this system needs to be developed and ensure that you are

professionally convincing to senior management.

Provide a description of the business case and justification about the business benefits from implementing this system.


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Describe the project scope and provide a brief cost and schedule analysis.

Identify the major functions in the system that will be required in order to meet the business


Conduct the TCO of this system in Excel; add your full name and student ID in Excel in row 1. Embed the TCO part from Excel into the Word document, which is your assignment file. Ask the

teacher to show you how to embed this if you are not sure.

Develop data flow diagram ( Context Diagram and DFD level 0 and with at least 2 different


Prepare entity relationship diagram , to model the data requirement relevant to this system. Create 3 screen interfaces a (main menu, an input screen and the monthly sales report) that

will be used in the system designed by your group.

The marking will be based on the design; it is not necessary to implement the system.

Referencing and Plagiarism

It is essential to use IN TEXT referencing. If you are using the exact words from a reference then you must use quotation marks.

Use Harvard style, which is more verbose. http://www.citethisforme.com/harvard- HYPERLINK “http://www.citethisforme.com/harvard-referencing” referencing .

Remember that this is a Turnitin assignment and plagiarism will be subject to severe penalties. Please refer to the AIH Academic Misconduct Policy: http://www.aih.nsw.edu.au/content/1-home/8-more-info-tabs/3-official- HYPERLINK “http://www.aih.nsw.edu.au/content/1-home/8-more-info-tabs/3-official-policies/academic-misconduct-policy.pdf” policies/academic-misconduct-policy.pdf

Detailed Submission Requirements

Before submission, you ensure the submitted work satisfies the following requirements:

Submit as a PDF or MS Word file through the Turnitin assignment submission tool on Moodle.

Include a cover sheet that has your name, subject, date, report title.

Australian Institute of Higher Education

CRICOS Provider Code: 03147A

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Marking Criteria Items Description:

Items Description Marks
1. Clear business case and at least 4 main business benefits in points form 2
2. Project scope statement Clear and measurable scope statement 1
3. Cost and schedule Brief cost and schedule analysis done in Excel then copied 3
to the Word document (assignment doc)
4. TCO clear and complete Correct, clear and complete list of TCO items ID + Name 3
inserted before embedding into the Word document
5. Data Flow Diagrams Correct use of symbols, eliminate all common errors and 3
reflect logical analysis of the system
6. ER-Diagram Correctly show the relationships between essential 3
entities, indicate attributes for each entity and identify
primary keys
7. Screen Interfaces Conform to the guidelines for designing forms and reports, 3
headings, meaningful content, appealing and business-like
8. Document Presentation Clear structure and format, contains table of content, title 2
page, good grammar and free of spelling and proofreading
errors, work is original and shows understanding of the
system design concepts, etc.
Total 20

Australian Institute of Higher Education

CRICOS Provider Code: 03147A

Level 3 & 4 545 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

T: +612 9020 8050 W: www.aih.nsw.edu.au


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