Explain why you chose these advertisements for social scientific and personal study. For instance, what aspects of them intrigued you and made you curious?

Servant Leadership

· Listening

· Empathy

· Healing

· Awareness

· Persuasion

· Conceptualization

· Foresight

· Stewardship

· Commitment to the Growth of People

· Building Community

· Character

· Presence

· Intellect

· Leads

· Develops

· Achieves

Concept of Leadership and Followership:

· Leadership and Followership are linked concepts

· Neither can be comprehended without understanding the other

· The study of followership has been largely neglected

· Leadership and followership are best seen as roles

· The leaders must lead, and do it well to retain leadership

· The follower must follow and do it well to retain followership

· Good leaders enhance followers just as good followers enhance leaders

· When all seek to lead there are no followers

· When all seek to follow there are no leaders


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