Objective:     To practice using the library catalogues and databases

To begin collecting journal articles for your research project

To learn how to read/summarize published journal articles

LIBRARY : https://lib.utah.edu/

Assignment:   Conduct a literature review to find FIVE journal articles that are relevant to your approved topic and research question. “To what extent does mental illness influence family-based violence.”

You should use the databases provided by the library.  Read the full-text version of each article, summarize the article in your own words, and then think about how each article is relevant to your particular research project.

Grading:        50 points

See below for point allocation.  You will automatically receive half-credit if you submit non-journal sources.  You will receive no-credit for this assignment if you copy (plagiarize) the abstracts, rather than writing a summary in your own words.


 Being a critical consumer of research will help you develop your skills as a producer (writer, presenter) of your own research! During this assignment, pay particular attention to the standard writing styles and formatting of the research articles you read.


1. At the top of your document, restate the topic and research: “To what extent does mental illness influence family-based violence.”

  1. Write a short essay (1 page or less) describing how you conducted your literature review: which databases did you use, how did you access those databases, and what search terms did you use to find the articles most relevant to your chosen topic/question, etc.  (15 points)


  1. Write a formal citation for each selected article. A formal citation includes the authors’ names, the publication year, the title of the article, the title of the journal in which it was published, as well as the volume and page numbers of the article.  You can use any bibliographic style you want (MLA, Chicago, APA); just be consistent.  An example of a formal citation is below.   (10 points)

                    South, S. J, Spitze, G. (1994).  Housework in Marital and Nonmarital Households.  American    

                    Sociological Review, Vol. 59 (3).  327-347.


  1. Write a short abstract summarizing each article – its purpose, method, and results. Each abstract must be written in your own words and be approximately ½ page long.  Note: plagiarism of published abstracts will be grounds for a “0” on this assignment. (10 points)

For each article, write a few notes about how or why the article is relevant to your particular study.  You should have at least two or three “notes” for each article.  For now, these notes can be written somewhat informally, in bullet-point style. (15 points)


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