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2017 annual report

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nnual R eport

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contents 2 letter to stockholders

6 lead director: one-on-one

7 chevron at a glance

8 chevron stock performance

9 financial and operating highlights

10 winning in any environment

11 financial review

72 five-year financial summary

73 five-year operating summary

85 glossary of energy and financial terms

86 the chevron way

88 board of directors

89 corporate officers

90 stockholder and investor information

~2.2 million chevron acreage

net acres in the Permian Basin


permian unconventional


average net oil-equivalent barrels per day in 2017

11.2 billion barrels

chevron resources*

of net unrisked oil-equivalent Permian Basin

resources in 2017

the permian basin is one of the most

prolific oil and natural gas geologic basins in

the United States

* For definition of “resources,” see Glossary of Energy and Financial Terms, page 85

Publications and other news sources The Annual Report, distributed in April, summarizes the company’s financial performance in the preced ing year and provides an overview of the company’s major activities.

Chevron’s Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Supplement to the Annual Report, containing additional financial and operating data, are available on the company’s website,, or copies may be requested by contacting: Investor Relations Chevron Corporation 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road, A3140 San Ramon, CA 94583-2324 925 842 5690 Email:

The 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report is available in May on the company’s website,, where other Corporate Responsibility information can be found. A printed copy may be requested by writing to: Policy, Government and Public Affairs Corporate Responsibility Communications Chevron Corporation 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road Building G San Ramon, CA 94583-2324

An in-depth report that addresses Chevron’s framework for incorporating climate change into our governance, risk management, strategy, and actions and investments is available at www.

Details of the company’s political contributions for 2017 are available on the company’s website,, or by writing to: Policy, Government and Public Affairs Chevron Corporation 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road Building G San Ramon, CA 94583-2324

For additional information about the company and the energy industry, visit Chevron’s website, It includes articles, news releases, speeches, quarterly earnings information, the Proxy Statement and the complete text of this Annual Report.

Chevron has a 100-year history and long-term investments in Nigeria. In the country’s Niger Delta region, we pioneered the Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU), a public- private partnership community empowerment program that involves participatory development processes to help resolve conflict and address the needs of communities near our operations.

Shown: Students in front of a renovated classroom built by the Idama Regional Development Committee, whose projects are funded by a Chevron-Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation joint venture.

This Annual Report contains forward-looking statements – identified by words such as “expect,” “commit,” “position,” “focus,” “goal,” “target,” “schedule,” “plan,” “strategy,” “project,” “forecast,” “on track” and similar phrases – that reflect management’s current estimates and beliefs, but are not guarantees of future results.

Please see “Cautionary Statement Relevant to Forward-Looking Information for the Purpose of ‘Safe Harbor’ Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995” on Page 11 for a discussion of some of the factors that could cause actual results to differ materially.

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powering the world forward Chevron has emerged from the changes that have reshaped the world’s energy landscape as a stronger, leaner and more agile enterprise. Today, we stand ready to win in any business environment.

Each day, our people deliver the energy that billions around the world rely on for the most basic of human needs, along with the social and economic progress that reliable, affordable energy provides. Their commitment – along with our pursuit of technological and scientific innovations that push the frontiers of our industry – positions us well to meet the challenges of this responsibility with skill, ingenuity and an unwavering commitment to the vision, values and strategies of The Chevron Way.

Chevron’s portfolio of assets is strong. Our Upstream business is resilient, built to deliver short-cycle, high-return projects as well as long-term resource sustainability. Our Downstream & Chemicals business is highly competitive, with a global portfolio that is strategically focused to leverage areas of strength. Our Midstream organization delivers the commercial, technical and operational expertise that enhances results in Upstream and in Downstream & Chemicals.

As the world’s population continues to grow, so, too, will global demand for energy. We are looking toward the future – working to develop generations of talent inside and outside our company; proudly and responsibly leading in conventional energy sources while exploring and evaluating new and emerging energy solutions; and leveraging technology to improve efficiency and productivity while solving the most complex energy challenges of our time. And above all, we are creating value for our stockholders, customers, partners and communities.


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