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o MBAs are a waste of money

o Ethics and business are not compatible

o People who are smokers should not be employed

o People who are working in the same company should not have romantic relationships with each other

o CEOs deserve the big salary package that they get

o Globalization has exacerbated poverty rather than alleviating it.

You will then need to identify what would be a good response from both sides. That is, you

need to simulate what would be good arguments that the affirmative and the negative teams

are likely to provide on the basis of extensive research using a minimum of 10 peer reviewed

academic journal articles as references. You will need to organize your arguments into an

argumentative essay. Then you will need to put on a presentation/debate/show in class

illustrating the entire arguments featuring both sides.

Students are to be assigned into groups of ideally 3 people, one assumes the role of the

moderator/ mediator/chair, one argues the affirmative and the other, negative side (If the

size of the class is not the multiple of 3, we will allow 2-people group or 4 people group). Each

speaker is expected to speak for 3-5 minutes. Be innovative, entertaining and insightful in

your mode of delivery, here is a link that might inspire you as a team:

Clearly, you need to do a lot of research, formulate your arguments, and remember them by

heart before you go on stage to put on an educational show. Essentially, the process most

definitely tests your ability to look at a contentious issue, evaluate both sides of the argument

and present them in a persuasive manner.


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