We are all politically socialized from childhood through adulthood by a series of experiences that are either directly or indirectly political. The agents of socialization that shape our political values and beliefs nurture the opinions we have about political issues, parties, candidates for office, government and so much more.

  1. Think about some of your own direct and indirect political socialization experiences dating from your years as a child and through to the present. Describe in detail one event, experience, or person that you believe influenced how you think and feel politically.. If you have trouble, Refer to the Agents of Socialization content page for help.  This is the shorter part of the discussion, and should be limited to a few relevant sentences
  2. What do our course book, content, and other library sources say about how people are socialized about politics and the process of government in our nation? This is the longer part of the discussion.
  3.  Use of references: /10 [three or more diverse references and related to course content; legitimate books and journal sources

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