System Request: ________________________________________________

Project Sponsor

Name(s): _________________________________________________________________________

Title(s): __________________________________________________________________________

Business Need – Why is this request being made:

Business Requirements – What is specifically needed from this system:

Business Value – how will this benefit the business:

Special Issues or Constraints:

deliverable 2:


1) What is the history company you are working on? When was it founded? By Whom? Are there any major historical changes of the company?

2) What is the problem and how does it affect the business. Please be specific. Examples: Sales have been declining the past several years. Student enrollment is low and that is affecting profitability and growth.

3) How does your solution solve the problem? How will it improve the business? How does it make the user’s experience better? Who does it help and how?

Please look at the Capstone example videos and written deliverable at the top of the Moodle course for ideas of how to format this information. It can simply be in paragraph format.


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