Your DISC personality type
Your unique sequence of scores characterizes you in a specific way. The positive impact you are
likely to make on people is:
DISC personality test result – free DISC types test online at Page 2 of 8 8/29/2018
DISC Patterns or Profiles
As you will appreciate, there are literally thousands of different combinations of scores. Therefore
to help interpretation, communication and understanding, DISC Personality Model experts have
defined – through statistical analysis of the score combinations – fifteen DISC ‘Patterns’ or
The ‘Profiles’ are often given names. The objective of these names is to give a single descriptive
term that captures the essence of that Profile. Names often used are Achiever, Coach, Evaluator,
Counselor, Creative, Individualist, Inspirational, Investigator, Objective Thinker, Perfectionist,
Persuader, Practitioner, Enthusiast, Results-Oriented or Specialist
To understand the DISC theory even further descriptions are given for people who score
comparatively high and comparatively low on each of the four DISC dimensions.
Comparatively High
Here are some traits and behaviours that describe people who are comparatively high in
• enjoy competition and challenge.
• are goal orientated and want to be recognised for their efforts.
• aim high, want authority and are generally resourceful and
• are usually self-sufficient and individualistic.
You have a strong inner motivation to influence people and
circumstances. You thrive on competitive situations and
challenging assignments. The stresses and pressures of
everyday work and life are unlikely to reduce your effectiveness
and enthusiasm.
DISC personality test result – free DISC types test online at Page 3 of 8 8/29/2018
• may lose interest in projects once the challenge has gone and they
tend to be impatient and dissatisfied with minor detail.
They are usually direct and positive with people, enjoying being the centre of attraction and may
take it for granted that people will think highly of them.
They may have a tendency to be rather critical of others. Consequently, other people may tend to
see them as being rather domineering and overpowering.


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