The engineering phase is one of the most important phases and to ensure quality we will involve the use of customers in our quality assurance so that they can be able to help us test the workability of the system. Different random clients will be asked to participate in the testing of the system before launch and their feedback and criticism allowed so that the end product can be superb. There will also be some sort of audit team for the developers so that they ensure that the end product is of high quality (Amado
In the end of the methodology we have the evaluation which will be done by the customers, since we will have already enlisted the help of several or different of them in the previous phase we hope the feedback will be very positive. Any feedback that needs us to fix a few issues will also be take in stride and necessary corrections made.

Unit Testing Plan
Home+ Networking will employ a sound and industry approved unit testing process to ensure that the web application code, server accessibility, database integrity, website features, GUI, and customer and employee access are compliant with the projects restraints and requirements. We will be creating the unit test and testing the code and server accessibility, and GUI through Visual Studio 2017. These test categories are listed below and will follow the attached format. (DIETRICH, 2017)
Test Case ID Test Scenario Test Steps Test Data Expected Results Actual Results Pass/Fail
Figure 3

We will employ 10 major test cases including:
TC01 Verify Web app runs on Java Platform
TC02 Verify Web app Home Page loads.
TC03 Check Customer Login w/valid data
TC04 Check Customer Login w/invalid data
TC05 Verify Web app can access Database table
TC06 Verify Customer form updates Database table
TC07 Test code utilizes integrated libraries
TC08 Verify Web app list valid Google links
TC09 Confirm Event log tracker sends application performance logs
TC10 Test Built-in data entry checker and Auto-complete functions correctly


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