System Defects

During each phase of the QA, there’s always a possibility to have defects in the application especially during the testing phase.  These defects have to be measure, documented, and reported so a change in the application can be performed.  One way we will be measuring these defects is by using the Measurement System Analysis, or MSA for its initials.  Our application that we’re developing will be used support technicians, which they will utilize it to provide support for their customers.  If the defects are not found, then it will be crucial to a technical which could potentially give wrong information to their customers.

MSA is defined as an experimental and mathematical method of determining the amount of variation that exists within a measurement process (Quality-One, n.d.).  By using this tool, we will be able to find measure certain parameters that will be able to detect any type of defects during the production and development phase.  MSA will also help us by assuring that all the data is accurate and the system that will be used to collect the data is the right system for our application.  By obtaining reliable data, we will be able to predict any defects or any other issues that might delay our application production.


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