The system development methodology that will be used to develop this system application will be the spiral methodology.  This methodology focuses on the identification and reduction of risks before they can cause any damage to the computer systems.  The Spiral Model is a sophisticated model that focuses on early identification and reduction of project risks (TatvaSoft, 2015).  As stated before, this model will allow us to focus on how to reduce any type of risks during the development of the project.  This model will allow us to start the project on a small scale and as we develop we can project any type of risks and come out with solutions that will avoid those risks.

The spiral methodology fits well with the development of the application because this methodology is designed for larger projects such as the application we will be developing.  It also gives us the flexibility to add or change more features in the future.  Since we can already project many modifications, the spiral methodology will be able to suit us when the changes do occur without having to deviate from the goal.

Since the main purpose of the application is to provide a self-help application to those clients that do not seek help from other technicians, we will need to rely on databases services which will add up costs to the already costly application development.  Even though this might be a costly project, we believed that it is necessary in order to provide our clients with the best support that will help them achieve their tasks.  The outcome of the application will be determined by how attentive and our knowledge of the project while being developed


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