Integration, System, and Regression testing

When you are working on a complex application and system you may have features added and subtracted throughout the process. These integrations will be addressed at our project management meetings to make sure that they don’t have any negative affect on existing functions and functions that will be added in the future. These features will need to be tested by our developers prior to being added into the current project. We will be using a sandbox environment to test the features. This will be a virtual environment that is an exact replica of our production environment. This will allow us to test without breaking our production system.  Being able to run these test environments are a huge help to delivering quality products that run without issues.


Quality is at the top of our list and we will do everything we can to ensure we deliver the quality the stakeholders expect within the time we promised.  Our testing will use a variety of metrics to test for performance, reliability and cost. We will fine-tune the system to provide the highest performance with the budget given to use by the stakeholders. With any project there is a sweet spot that blends the perfect amount of cost and performance and that is what we will be looking for as we test the system.


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