Functions needed for database and applications.

  • database relationship to our work application that links
  • estimated times of availability
  • current availability calendar
  • estimated time of arrival
  • employee profiles (name, photo, type of vehicle)
  • call back requests from customers
  • database relationship with current job and product availability and descriptions and all specials / discounts
  • full security protocols to protect linked company databases
  • SaaS vendor for Olark live chat application.
  • virtual private cloud vendor / or PaaS vendor

As far as office applications for our employees we can use a product such as Office365. It has all the applications we need as well as email functionality. I would like to keep most of the services hosted. This will allow us to scale much easier as the company expands and with most of our services being cloud based it will be easier to set up the new locations in the future.

Section 3: Design


The overall system design for this project build will include many features that will encompass all of our customer’s request. Functional design standards will include a relational database that houses our company Service Scheduler and customer data and will feed to our company’s website through AWS web applications (Amazon Aurora). The onsite servers will be 2 ESXI, using Microsoft Server 2012 with a stack schema. (Amazon Web Services, 2018)

We will have both physical and virtual server alignment (adding secure protocols w/remote access capabilities). The physical server onsite will also house database server which will host all FAQ, support and training docs, file share server, and print server. The virtual server will house application and web servers and use Application Discovery Service (ADS). (Amazon Web Services, 2018)

The web app layout will be developed with homepage, weekly specials and discounts landing page, customer review section, products and services library area, and service scheduler interactive calendar. It will include a special customer GUI screen for Account creation and include entry forms.


We have also established other design factors that will correlate to customer satisfaction and employ overall system efficiency by the creation of minimal processing requirements.


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