The present report presents the primary results obtained from the evaluation of SingTel both from the financial results of the company and its performance and strategic management. In this regard, the paper carries out a thorough analysis of the company’s internal and external environment and uses this information in explaining the strategic changes implemented by the company to address the financial problems experienced in the recent past. The financial analysis carried out, on the other hand, confirms the efficiency of such changes, as the company has been able of recovering the promising situation of 2015. Compared to its main competitors, Mobile 1 and Starhub, the company currently presents a more solid financial structure, which justifies the better financial performance in the past years.

A similar conclusion may be derived from the comparison of the financial results reported by the company and the industry average. In this regard, it is noteworthy how the company showed an above average sales revenue, return on assets, return on equity, and return on investment than the industry average as per the analysis carried out by the Plunkett financial consulting group (Plunkett et al., 2018).

Lastly, the analysis carried out highlights how the optimization of the business strategy will contribute to increasing the company’s financial performance significantly. Thus, the obtained improvement of the financial results reported by SingTel’s annual report is the direct consequence of the implementation of a cost reduction strategy oriented at decreasing the operational level. The expansion of the company has also contributed to the observed improvement of the financial results. In this sense, the company has expanded both through the horizontal diversification approach by entering a new market as the Vietnamese and through the introduction of innovative products to the market. These strategies resulted in a significant increase in the company’s sales of the company’s products were non-significant in the past.


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