quality service, value, and safety.

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Objective: After the completion of this assignment, you will be able to describe the progressive methods and tools utilized by UPS in training its staff to maximize efficiency and safety, while minimizing package damage and personal injury.

Background: UPS is widely regarded as a leader in training innovation with a focus on quality service, value, and safety.

Instructions: Follow the links provided below and learn about UPS’ central training center.

Deliverable: Answer the 5 questions above in no fewer than 500 words.

Please Answer the following 5 questions:

What training tools and techniques were highlighted in the broadcast?

What do you think are the objectives of this training program?

How could you apply similar training techniques to other businesses in different industries.

What are the apparent advantages and disadvantages of the training program employed?Issue your verdict:

What do YOU think about what you watched?

Video Links Instructions: Follow the links provided below and learn about UPS’ central training center.





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