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CHEM 104 01

Directions: Please use correct significant figures and units wherever applicable. Show ALL work.

  1. For the reaction BrO3- + 3SO32-  Br- + 3SO42-

a. At what rate are sulfate ions (SO42-) being produced if the sulfite ion (SO32-) is

disappearing at a rate of 2.4×10-4 mol/L·s?

b. Predict the rate law if the reaction rate is tripled when [BrO3-] is tripled and the reaction

rate is doubled when [SO32-] is doubled.

c. What is the overall order of reaction based on your predicted rate law?

  1. Polonium (Po) is the only metal known to crystallize in a simple cubic structure. If the X-ray

experiment shows that the radius of a polonium atom is 330.2 pm in a unit cell, what is the

volume of a polonium unit cell in cm3?


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