Macnic acid (HMac) has a pKa of 4.460. Calculate the Kb of its conjugate base

Useful Information

R = 0.08206 atm L mol -1 K- 1  = 8.314 J mol -1 K -1

TK = TºC + 273.15

Kw = 1.0 x  10-14

pH = pKa + log [A-]/[HA]

  1. Macnic acid (HMac) has a pKa of 4.460.  Calculate the Kb of its conjugate base

a. 1.76×10-11

b. 2.88×10-10

c. 1.74×10-11

d. 8.07×10-12

e. 7.08×10-12

  1. Which of the following ions will hydrolyze in water to give a basic solution?

a. ClO4-

b. ClO2-

c. Na+

d. NH4+

e. NO3-

  1. Consider the following lists of acids:

List A: HBrO, HBrO2, HBrO3

List B: PH3, H2S, HCl

The weakest acid of List A is  ______.  The weakest acid of List B is____

a. HBrO, HCl

b. HBrO2, HCl

c. HBrO3, H2S

d. HBrO, PH3

  1. What is the molar solubility of Ca3(PO4)2 (Ksp = 2.10 x 10-33) in 0.609 M K3PO4?

a. 3.52×10-10 M

b. 2.42×10-10 M

c. 5.94×10-12 M

d. 3.31×10-10 M

e. 5.12×10-10 M


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