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Sp 2018

For two weeks (ten days), I want you to keep a record of your diet. Try to track everything you eat and how much of it. You can use choosmyplate.gov or any other app or program to assist. The ultimate goal is to do a detailed analysis of your diet. We would like to know, at a minimum: your total caloric intake, fat intake, carb intake, protein intake. It would be best if we could get data on your vitamins and minerals as well. Your recording and paper can include exercise as well but is not required.

Once you have acquired the minimum two weeks-worth of data, I would like you to analyze your diet in the following manner:

Part 1: Report your daily averages in a chart. Analyze your dietary trends, short-comings and indulgences. Were you consistently healthy in your food choices? Did you get enough variety? Did you moderate your intake? Try to be as reflective as possible by being honest about your diet and using what we have learned in class. Propose and actual diet to meet your goals or plans. This should be based on your analysis and should break down the number of calories, fat, protein, carbs. It should also address foods you need to eliminate and some that you may want to add.

Part 2: Suggest changes that you would or should make to your diet to live a healthier life or to meet a particular goal. Be sure to address short- and long-term changes as well as a plan for how they should be made (e.g. should you change all of your meals at the same time and start working out or should you slowly change your lifestyle?) I also want you to address the possible negative outcomes of your current lifestyle/diet. Are you at increased risk of any diseases or disorders? Discuss one of these disorders/diseases and describe the current medical practice for treating/curing the disease. Make sure dietary changes are one of the points of discussion.

Total document length should be approximately five to seven pages.

No particular format is required though I do want you to be consistent throughout the paper.

You are also required to have at least two references other than the book. One of them must come from peer-reviewed literature (a scientific journal).

The due date for the paper is the day of the final. Papers can be submitted online. No late submissions will be accepted.


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