Locate a current events or news article via the Internet, detailing a public agency’s attempt to ensure public involvement. Examples could include the purchase of a large-scale item or real property, the hiring of additional officers, the building of new police station, or the purchase of tasers for all officers.

Write a 800- to 1,100-word paper which includes the following:

  • Describe the issue
  • What attempts by the agency were made to incorporate public involvement
  • Who from the public agency was involved with the project.
  • Over what time frame did this occur?
  • What barriers existed if any.
  • Any overall success or failure documented in the article.
  • Describe whether or not you agree with the agency and their approach.
  • Whether or not social media played a role in the involvement.
  • If you were the head of a public agency how formal would you have your public information personnel be?
  • Is there room for information communication in government?
  • When is the Internet and social media involvement a concern.

Cite at least one source other than the textbook.

Put headings in bold for each topic

Please add the URL for the website used


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