Please answer the following question.  Your answer should be thorough and demonstrate your understanding of the material.

Which theory has more credibility, Out of Africa or Multiregional World?  Being specific, why? 

Make sure your answer addresses the evidence that supports your position and discusses why the other theory is flawed.


Africa is the second largest CONTINENT in the world. Africa, a CONTINENT of fifty-plus sovereign nations, most with distinct language(s), governmental systems, military, and cultural traditions. Africa, a CONTINENT of eleven million seven hundred thousand square miles, which covers one-fifth of the Earth’s land mass and would house the United States, China, and Europe – all at once. Africa, a CONTINENT with a population more than 3 times that of the United States, nearly as large as India, and a third the size of China; yet, 75% of those suffering through the devastation of HIV/AIDS live on the CONTINENT (source: United). Africa, a CONTINENT which produces 48% of the world’s diamonds, 29% of the world’s gold, and 48% of its platinum (source: Africa’s Natural Resources); yet, 32 of the world’s 50 poorest nations are African countries (source: World’s 50 Poorest). Africa, a CONTINENT!!!

Africa is the birthplace of humanity, a reality that few question. The challenge is interpreting its diversity while maintaining the integrity of historical methodology and paying the proper homage to cultural traditions and heritage. Covering a history that spans millennia before recorded history and millennia since is a daunting task yet brings with it a level of excitement that is rarely duplicated in the study of history.


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