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What type of damages should be allowable in a products liability case and who should be held responsible?

Granted Byslma vs Burger King is a bit of a bizarre case, but do you think the court got it right? Please address the following issues:

  1. What degree of injury should a person have to experience from consumption of a contaminated food before that injured party can hold another person responsible?
  2. Do you think the current policy of holding food companies responsible for injury that their products cause regardless of whether they followed best practices or not is a good policy – why or why not?
  3. Do you think emotional distress should be part of a food products liability action, and if so under what circumstances?
  4. At what point should a company be held responsible for the intentional acts of its employees?

Please write at a 2 – 3 page single spaced paper addressing these four issues. Provide a justification based upon the RCW and it interpretation to support your position.


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