Question description

You are given three chapters to read. From each chapter you need to answer three questions, based on your readings. A total of 9 questions. The questions are written below and the three chapters are attached. The answers must come from the readings, not google.

Chapter 1-

Q1: Define culture, mass communication, and mass media, and explain their interrelationships?

Q2: Describe the development of a mass medium from emergence to convergence?

Q3: What are the chief differences between modern and postmodern values?

Chapter 2-

Q1: Why did Google become such a force in Web searching?

Q2: What are the six main types of social media?

Q3: What are the key challenges to making the Internet itself more democratic?

Chapter 3-

Q1: What technology enabled the evolution of the first video games?

Q2: What are the main genres within digital gaming?

Q3: How have digital games influenced media culture, and vice versa?


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