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For this assignment, you will use supporting evidence from Beowulf, Emerson’s “Heroism,” and your notes to answer one of these questions in an 8-10 sentence essay:

  1. Would Emerson consider Beowulf a hero? Look at his description of heroism in the excerpts you’ve read to determine your answer. Use the Option A Writing Organizer to collect your thoughts before writing.


  2. What characteristics from Emerson’s “Heroism” are most necessary for defeating a monster like Grendel? Use theOption B Writing Organizer to collect your thoughts before writing.

You can revisit previous lessons or use these links to reference the excerpts you’ve previously read:

Be sure to use summarizing, paraphrasing, and properly punctuated direct quotations to support your ideas.

Your essay will be evaluated using the Concept Synthesis: Exploring the Hero rubric


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