you will create a thread in response to the provided prompt. Each thread must be at least 350 words, not including references, and demonstrate course-related knowledge. Each thread must be completed in Microsoft Word, have at least 1 reference in current APA format, and must be copied/pasted (or attached) into the respective forum.

An important part of sales planning is effective prospecting for new business opportunities. Once identified, successfully developing an account management plan may lead to immediate and long-term sales revenue.

Thread: Respond to the following:

  • Explain what social networking is and how the use of social media tools improves a salesperson’s prospecting results. Provide 3 examples of social networking and how each helps the success of prospecting efforts.
  • What are the advantages of planning a sales call, and how does setting call objectives help to advance the sales process? Provide several examples of important sales call objectives.
  • From “Ethics Problems” #2 on p. 190 of the course textbook, explain how a salesperson may change a customer’s interests in inappropriate forms of entertainment to alternate entertainment that is enjoyable and in good taste. Provide a few examples of how to change customer interests.
  • Prospecting for leads and new customers can be a lonely, discouraging process. How does Jesus say to approach our routine needs in Luke 11:9? What may we expect when approaching our prospecting needs this way?
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