Understanding of change model (5 marks)

-Evidence of substantial research having been undertaken.

-Demonstrates an in- depth understanding of the change model and concisely and coherently summarises the model highlighting key points

Application of change model to case organisation (5 marks)

Presents a very well- focused summary of several of the issues/problems in the case organisation demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of the issues/problems.

Analysis focused on strategic issues and shows very good understanding of the impact of problems at that level

Supports diagnosis and opinions with strong arguments and evidence.

Design and planning of change intervention strategies (15 marks)

Design of interventions shows creativity and innovation in thinking and is strongly focused on resolving change issues/problems identified in the case organisation.

Strategy design clearly supported by evidence and is strongly linked to the change model.

The action plan in total is achievable for the case organisation to implement.

Action plan flows from intervention strategies. Demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the consequences for the case organisation in implementing proposed action plan.

Well thought out and realistic suite of evaluation measures included.

Managing stakeholders (10 marks)

Sophisticated analysis on the impact of the change process on the environment and on people.

Clearly and accurately describes the unique perspectives of multiple key stakeholders in the case.

Demonstrates insightful analysis of strategic tensions or conflicts of interest between the stakeholders.

Very well-tailored strategies for managing different stakeholders.

Written Communication (5 Marks)

Consistently uses Harvard referencing style. No uncited sources.

Uses language that clearly conveys meaning to readers and contains no errors in grammar, paragraphing or spelling. Shows outstanding organisation, content and presentation required for a summary for a client report

Ideas flow very clearly from section to section and are well sequenced


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