Develop a performance evaluation plan utilizing the theories discussed in the text,

including consideration of internal consistency and appropriate external market and

benchmarks for salary comparison data and analysis.

Finally, design a specific pay structure that combines your job analysis, job evaluation,

internal and external consistency, and internal and external motivator. This may be in

the form of a pay grade with a pay range within the grade, merit pay, performance pay,

pay for knowledge, or an appropriate combination of these factors. Do not simply

describe in general terms what a pay structure looks like: create a specific, concrete pay

structure for your jobs!

  • Go more in depth on the operating environment that is needed (e.g., the economic conditions, crime problems, and lack of public funds for social support since it is a nonprofit organization).

Prepare a written report including:


Paper Outline  

  • An explanation of the performance evaluation, including how the factors

identified in your job analysis in Part 1 are used for determining compensation.

  • What type of job market data may be useful in determining compensation.
  • The specific pay structure, explaining in detail the base pay, merit or incentive

pay, and all other compensation. Explain the correlation between the pay

structure and the motivators identified in Part I.

  • A discussion of benefits that are appropriate for the position.
  • How the pay structure relates to the other positions in the company (internal


  • How the pay structure relates to the compensation in other organizations

(market alignment).

While your portfolio is divided into specific parts as outlined above and, in the rubric,

provided, the paper should flow from one section to the next in a seamless fashion.

The following rubric is used to measure overall class performance on the signature

assignment. (Note: the grade earned by the individual for the assignment is based on

the writing standards described on pages 4 – 6 above and not on this rubric):

Dimensions RUBRIC


Measure Exceeds Standards Meets





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