The Transfer Phenomenon in LTAHs

It is important to explain the specifics of the transaction of patient transfer that is more frequent in the LTAH industry, as compared to Acute-Care Hospitals. In general, LTACHs get their patients from Short-Term Acute Care (STAC) hospitals, or regular hospitals. LTACs are for long term stay, and patients require life-support services.  In most cases:

  1. The LTAC sends the patient back to the STAC, where they originated from, after the services are provided at the LTAC hospital, or
  2. The LTAC sends the patient to an appropriate provider of care, if required clinical services are not available at the LTAC.

These scenarios make up majority of the admission and discharge incidences for the LTAC. If the patient returns to the LTAC within 30 days of discharge, then one qualifies that as a 30-Day-Readmission.   This study centers on the quality and scope of clinical documentation at LTAC transfer handoff period and the relation between such documentations and the 30DRA incidences.


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