This activity provides you with a base understanding of the different cognitive and behavioral symptoms that are characteristic to all criminal psychopaths though the kind and severity of symptoms of criminal psychopathy vary with the individual. You should look at the various cognitive and behavioral symptoms as a spectrum of colors where one blends into the other. Individual criminal psychopaths may have more of one symptom and less of another, but it varies and is often unique to the individual.


You are tasked to watch a short video clip about psychopathy by forensic psychiatrist, Michael Stone, MD. Also, view the Bundy video. After viewing the clips, please answer the following questions.

  • In what ways did the experiences in childhood nurture the seeds of psychopathic behavior and mindsets in adolescence and subsequent adulthood?
  • Identify and describe in detail the cognitive and behavioral symptoms that characterize a psychopathic personality, and explain why you think that these individuals would be particularly difficult to successfully treat in a clinical setting.
  • Indicate in what ways criminal psychopaths differ from non-criminal psychopaths and how are non-criminal psychopaths detected in society. Please support your answers with the text and literature.


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